Rural Marketing of Dabur

Rural marketing of Dabur Here is an interesting example of rural marketing in India FMCG major Dabur is unleashing a marketing blitz across the country through beauty pageants, singing contests and model hunts to penetrate rural and semi-urban market. Dabur is focusing on states like UP, Punjab, Bihar, Rajasthan and MP for promoting various brands, including Dabur Amla Hair Oil, Vatika hair care range and Gulabari skin care products. Target Segment:

Rural sales accounts for 50 per cent of Dabur’s turnover and hence this push into Rural heartland, with these activities Dabur seems to be targeting young ambitious youth in rural India. Dabur’s strength has always been in North India and it is aiming to build upon its strengths by focusing on this core 5 North Indian states with huge populations and some amount of purchasing power Activities: • Dabur is planning to tap the existing users of loose mustard oil, around 80 per cent of whom reside in rural India, and convert them into loyal customers of its brand.

In order to reach out to them Dabur Amla has launched “Banke Dikhao Rani Pratiyogita” in Rural India which is a rural beauty and talent show. This will be spread across 5 states UP, Punjab, Bihar, Rajasthan and MP spread across 1000 cities. • Dabur is also launching a singing and talent hunt contest “Dabur Vatika Koyal Punjab Di” to mark the launch of its range of natural conditioners, including the Vatika conditioners and a college beauty contest ‘Dabur Gulabari Miss fresh face of UP’.