Series Of Tracy Beaker Books Film Studies Essay

Tracy Beaker is an version of Jacqueline Wilson ‘s series of Tracy Beaker books. In 2002 the BBC created a Children ‘s series based upon the books, starring Dani Harmer as Tracy Beaker. It is a amusing, blithe programme that is suited for both kids and grownups. Tracy Beaker is a miss with a imaginativeness that runs off with itself and because of this we think she is older than she really is until we are reminded of her existent age as she is seen to hold a streetwise demeanor approximately her as she is everlastingly seen as interrupting the regulations within the attention place that she lives is apparent that Tracy Beaker is seen as a bad function theoretical account for kids from a parents point of position, this is due to the mischievousness that Tracy invariably gets up to and the breakage of the regulations within the place. However, even with this position the programme still has a popular screening harmonizing to 2009 statistics and Jacqueline Wilson books have proven to be greatly popular and the most loaned books from UK libraries between 2000 and 2010.

As most of us are cognizant, turning up is a hard process to travel through in a stable household unit ne’er head being within a societal attention unit or a dysfunctional household. Throughout the telecasting series it somewhat highlights the fact that some kids are deprived from the household unit that most of us are used to, and that we should non see Tracy Beaker as a bad function theoretical account for kids but a modern reading of a kid that has had a hard upbringing, and is likely to be frustrated and looking for some kind of replacing figures within her life, whether consciously or non. This will explicate the overdrive of her imaginativeness and the prevarications which she tells as this makes herself experience better about her life and comfy with the topographic point in which she is in. we see Tracy seeking to animate her household through either the people that are around her within the Dumping Ground seeing Duke as her male parent figure or through prevarications that her imaginativeness state us, we recognise the prevarications as they come on the screen in sketch signifier and are really bright and colorful, connoting a dream like universe in which she would wish to be in.

The episode I am looking at is additive with the events being in a chronological order. It includes Tracy and her best friend Jerome Holder ( Max ) passing all twenty-four hours playing with a European wolf spider that Max has sneaked into the attention place, after a long twenty-four hours of merriment they find out after tea that they have finally lost the European wolf spider someplace in the house. Tracy decides to take charge of this state of affairs and state Max they will look for it after hours when everyone is asleep. This is interesting as we see a female figure being in control of a state of affairs and portrayed as the dominant figure with her attitude and the manner in which she speaks to people and throws her weight about.

Within our examined scene there are several minutes where we witness how much of a kid Tracy and Max are in the activities that they get up to within the short four infinitesimal scene. The really first shooting that the audience sees of is a close up shooting of a full Moon, puting the tone for the audience and besides the impression that the kids within the place should n’t still be up as it is dark clip. This creates a cryptic temper to do us inquire what the kids in the house are acquiring up to. This first shooting of the Moon so easy pans down and slides across to the window where Tracy and Max are looking and all we can see is a torch reflecting through the window, this shooting is connoting youthfulness as they are out of bed after hours and mousing around the house acquiring up to mischievousness. This long shooting besides lets us see the fencing and gates that surround the Dumping Ground demoing a sense of safety that is given to the kids in the place the camera so tilts into the shooting of the room in which the kids are researching and the lone sound we can here is Tracy shouting ‘SHHH! ‘ about at the top of her voice, which is a childlike, humourous thing to make believing that she is quiet when in fact she ‘s non, doing it humourous for an grownup audience as they will be able to associate to occurrences like this within their household place. This implies that even though Tracy is in a attention place and does n’t hold the normal upbringing she is still traveling through the procedure of turning up and making it in the same manner that other kids do it. In this shooting, as an audience we catch a glance of the European wolf spiders shadow walking up the wall behind them this Implies and links to the impression of kids playing in the shadows, acquiring up to mischievousness and concealing from their parents, or in this instance their attention workers.

The following cut us so see an utmost low angle close up of Clive Rowes ( Duke, the nightlong carer ) pess walking in the opposite way to where Tracy and Max are concealing and researching. Note that his face is ne’er seen in the first portion of the discussed sequence, this creates a sense of enigma as to who he is and where is traveling and besides a sense of fright towards the kids as they know they will be in problem if they get caught, once more go forthing a immature audience in suspense as they will all be able relate to this in their ain lives, acquiring caught of parents when they have been up to mischievousness and the disgusting feeling that comes with it. We so see the two childlike figures emerge from the shadows of the opposite room as a long shooting down the corridor, evidently in fright and desiring to conceal from Duke. This long shooting shows us that they are in fact kids as it makes them look smaller as the camera is farther off, about minimizing them within their milieus demoing that they merely have the power until they are caught. There is besides a lingering enigma to the audience around this new figure ( Duke ) that emerges as we can non see which carer is and if they would acquire in problem if they would acquire caught. The fact that a slow music starts in the background, creates tenseness and a impression that that something ‘s traveling to go on that is out of their control.

The scene so cuts dramatically into a Point Of View shooting ( POV ) through the Dukes eyes demoing the same long shooting of the corridor, but from a different angle which easy zooms into the door to where he has merely heard the sound of pess and tittering. This shooting gives the impression of a kid ‘s building and the manner they grow up. Even though Tracy and Max are seeking to non believe about it they know they will acquire caught as grownups can see and cognize everything and it hinders on the fact that kids ever have a grown up around to maintain an oculus on them.

The coloring material throughout the scene remains a dark blue and black with the one visible radiation of a bright torch as the kids move from room to room. We see that the kids are dressed in black onsies once more demoing their childly nature as dressing up as robbers to happen this European wolf spider, so to Max and Tracy it is all merely a game in which they are playing within the place. We so catch a glance of another long shooting down the corridor of two little shadows creeping stating ‘Catch him will you. ‘ At this point the kids are overwhelmed that they have caught this lost European wolf spider that they have forgotten about the cryptic shadowed individual that is still lingering in the long corridor. Duke is excessively cagey and wise and hears the kids acquiring up to no good ; this so provides the audience with a sense of danger and fright. The scene does this by rushing the low sounding music up therefore making tenseness and indicant that the kids are about to be caught.

We so have a ( POV ) angle from Duke and besides an illustration of a ‘false dismay ‘ where we as an audience believe the kids have been caught, but infect them have n’t. We so see a match-on-action shooting as they dig behind a couch to seek and catch the running European wolf spider that in consequence runs off faster and faster in clip to the music that is playing in the background. As it quickens in velocity they are forced to give up and we hear footfalls and acquire a stopping point up shooting of the European wolf spider falling back onto the floors, demoing that the kids are forced to go forth everything behind but themselves as Dukes footsteps become louder and louder.

The audience is so misled once more as we are led to believe that they are safely across to where they sleep and all the fright of being caught is over. However in the following shooting, the natural visible radiation of the full room in which they are concealing is revealed and besides Duke. Hence, the following two shootings that take topographic point slightly echo the old shootings of Tracy and Max concealment and sneaking but takes topographic point traveling back towards the manner they came from at the beginning of the scene, in a much faster gait from before. Therefore, the sense of fright is repeated but besides increased as there is more infinite, more light and less clip in order for them to acquire back to the room in which they emerged from.

We so witness cutting taking topographic point between the two actions that are taking topographic point of the kids seeking to get away and the Duke running towards them, once more demoing defeat and force per unit area for the kids and besides a sense of fright and typical childlike mischievousness that takes topographic point in about every family. The sound effects and music besides add to this childly consequence every bit good as the lighting as it all all of a sudden increases dramatically. As Duke becomes nearer and nearer to the kids and were they are heading, the he music is now increased to its full potency as Max and Tracy turn to run they are so left face to face with Duke in the center of that corridor, for two brief seconds there is a intermission and the camera so zooms in on Dukes exultant look. This shooting so splits into short, crisp cuts that take topographic point between the shootings every bit good as the camera that follows Duke, making that velocity needed for tenseness and shows impact of the pursuit. The kids so halt and turn back, demoing the audience a long shooting so and we see that they have nowhere to turn and they are trapped. We see this through a scope of rearward shootings. The camera so besides starts to endorse off from the kids and a slow rapid climb out on this shooting of Duke shutting in.

We so have a stopping point up shooting of the kids ‘s caput that easy pans in, demoing all the attending on their terrific look as the camera rapid climb in easy, this shows that her ultimate day of reckoning is coming nigh and nigher. We so catch a glance of a light being shone in the background which both the kids and Duke turn to. The lighting of the scene alterations and suggests a visible radiation that has appeared ‘from Eden ‘ connoting to the audience that the kids is being called or summoned. Everything that was traveling on in this scene has now all of a sudden stopped, including the music, this breaks that tenseness of the pursuit and makes both the characters and the audience bury what was really go oning before.

After a brief 5 seconds of visible radiation we realise it is natural light coming from another kid ‘s sleeping room, down the corridor and the shooting cuts back to the funny faces of the remainder of the kids that have emerged from their room, with no music and the littlest sound being made, demoing that everyone is bewildered b this visible radiation and noise and has stopped to take a expression. This creates suspense and tenseness once more as to what they are looking at, and hanging on to the cryptic and skittish subject that runs through the beginning sequence. The camera so pans up uncovering the European wolf spider in which we are presented with a short dramatic piece of music. The fact that the European wolf spider is higher than everyone in the corridor suggests that it is dominative over all the other characters including Duke. This is besides seen from the reaction that takes topographic point towards the small animal, as after a Short stare and no motion within the scene the whole cut turns into pandemonium as everyone so shrieks and runs about seeking to acquire off from this lost European wolf spider, particularly the misss within the place, that are shouting and shouting aid.

We are so shown Dukes POV demoing a displacement in power as he is now the foreman because he is taller, therefore, he is able to rule the kids and a contrary shooting is used so we can see the looks from both Tracy, Max and Duke and the manner they contrast with each other, Showing the audience a Terrified V. Ferocious look. Tracy and the European wolf spider are so caught and sent to Sharlene Whyte ‘s ( Jenny, Main carer ) office as a sense of penalty that all kids get the impression of being sent to an senior to acquire shouted and lectured at. As she waits outside the office we hear a little beating sound in the background connoting a bosom that is crushing.

In decision, it is clear that the mise-en-scene and other media techniques all have an impact upon the telecasting programme being a great success. These techniques that are used throughout non merely this programme but all other movies and telecasting facets help the position understand the function that the characters hold being able to demo feeling and significances through techniques such as illuming. Music is able to make tempers such as tenseness or felicity to the scene and different camera angles can do characters look powerful or weak and large or little. Without a uncertainty, Tracy Beaker is an first-class programme in demoing the turning up of a kid and the stages in which they go through, but in a amusing and light hearted point of position.

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