Was The Goal Of Revolutionaries Always The Same History Essay

A revolutionist is a individual who changes his thought, moving, and who is against a authorities, or certain group of people who wield the power at their convenience without respect for others. For these grounds, a radical battle, with the purpose of a better life, to obtain human rights, and to be free both in head and organic structure. A Rebel has his ain ways of thought, but his aims, freedom and alteration are ever the same. A rebel battle for a good cause and his aims ne’er change for grounds of personal involvement like money, celebrity, or power. The Underdogs by Mariano Azuela and In The Time of The Butterflies by Julia Alvarez are two books that show the tremendous societal jobs that were experienced in Mexico and the Dominican Republic when revolutionists fought for their autonomy. The societal jobs in these two states, led many people to arise and contend for their ideals, therefore emerged heroes and great leaders. The job is that many people frequently did non cognize the aims of their battles. Many of these people merely followed a leader. In this essay I am traveling contrast the chief characters of the two books The Underdogs and, In The Time of The Butterflies. The characters of these two books were Rebels, but the end of Demetrio Macias, the chief character of The Underdogs was really different than the end of the Mirabal sisters In The Time of The Butterflies. The inquiry is, are Demetrio Macias and The Mirabal sisters truly heroes? Did their two battles have the same aims?

Mariano Azuela was a author who lived during the Mexican revolution. He used his endowment as a author to depict everything that he lived and perceived during the Mexican revolution in the book, The Underdogs. This book shows us many illustrations of people who ne’er knew precisely the aim of the battle. “ Do you desire to cognize why I ‘m a Rebel? Well, I ‘ll state you. Before the revolution, I had my land all plowed, see, and merely right for seeding and if it had n’t been for a small wrangle with Don Monicoaˆ¦. ? ”[ 1 ]Demetrio was a Rebel who truly did non cognize why he was contending, his position was really individualistic and it does non demo a incorporate radical thought. He began the battle for personal involvements, because he did non hold with the mode in which the authorities of Huerta treated people. But this does non do him a hero. Demetrio Macias is the chief character of the book The Underdogs. Demetrio Macias did non hold an instruction ; he did non cognize read or compose. He knew that something bad was go oning in this clip. For this ground he decided to be a Rebel but he did non believe about what would go on after the revolution or even what sort of authorities he truly wanted. Demetrio merely fought for something, but he did non cognize precisely his ends, because his ends were individualist, personal. The want of Demetrio Macias was to fall in the ground forces of Villa, where they would contend for the same aim, justness, a state where the corrupt authorities does non steal their land or their married womans. However, this aim changed because of his philistinism and amour propre. Through reading this book, we can see the transmutation of the chief character. We can see how Demetrio ne’er truly knew the end of this battle. “ It ‘s traveling to elect a probationary president of the republicaˆ¦ what ‘s your sentiment, general? Asked Natera. Demetrio shrugged his shoulders: it seems to me that the meat of the affair is that weA?ve got to travel on combat, eh? All right! Let ‘s travel to it! I ‘m game to the terminal, you know. Good, but what side? Demetrio, nonplussed, scratched his caput: expression here, do n’t inquire me any more inquiries. I ne’er went to school, you know.. You gave me the bird of Jove I wear on my chapeau, did n’t you? You merely state me: Demetrio, do this or make that, and that ‘s all there ‘s to it ” .[ 2 ]In this quotation mark Demetrio shows us that his aim of the battle was non defined. Demetrio merely wanted to acquire material things, no affair what the existent intent of the battle was, or who might be president every bit long as he had everything what he wanted. We can see the alteration that Demetrio had, because at the beginning he began his battle for a alteration, because the authorities of Huerta was corrupt but, when Demetrio started to hold followings, celebrity and power, he end up making what Huerta ‘s authorities did. He began to kill guiltless people, colza adult females, and bask his repute. In this manner, we can see how the power changed Demetrio ; he changed his ends for philistinism and amour propre, because he obtained what he wanted through force and corruptness. Demetrio ‘s celebrity transformed into a academic and egoistic individual. Therefore, he took advantage of these state of affairss to make things at his convenience like ; to hold adult females, obtain material things and at the same clip to hold repute. “ Bring me anyone you find concealing or running off, he commanded in a loud voice. What? What did you state? Valderrama cried in surprise. The work forces of the sierra? Those courageous work forces who ‘ve non yet done what those poulets down in Aguascalientes and Zacatecas have done all the clip? Our ain brothers, who weather storms, who cleaving to the stones like moss it self? I protest, sir ; I protest! ”[ 3 ]Demetrio was non interested in assisting people, and although at first many people thought he was a hero, these people changed their heads when they saw his transmutation into a rain, egoistic philistinism. On the other manus, In The Time of The Butterflies shows us another position on what a radical truly is. This book tells the narrative of three heroines, the Mirabal sisters. They truly were heroines, because of their intent and end was the same all the clip. Since the beginning of their battle they knew the state of affairs and the cause for which they were contending. They wanted a state with autonomy, a state with justness where everybody could show their thoughts without being killed or tortured. These three adult females lived in a state where there were many societal jobs. Trujillo was a corrupt president, who under the influence of the United States, kept the people repressed and without freedom. At first the Mirabal sisters did non cognize how Trujillo was in world, like many people who believed that Trujillo was a good individual and a good president. “ Three of her uncles were even friends of Trujillo. But they turned against him when they saw he was making bad things. Bad things? I interrupted. Trujillo was making bad things? It was as if I had merely heard Jesus had slapped a babe or Our Blessed Mother had non conceived Him the Immaculate Conception manner. ”[ 4 ]But after that they saw the tremendous job that their state was populating, and that they still were populating in a inhibitory state, they changed theirs minds about Trujillo and his manner of govern. Besides, the Mirabal sisters could see the existent jobs of their state, and in this manner, they knew the cause for which they should contend. The Mirabal sisters since the beginning of their battle had the same end and they ne’er change their manner of believing. They wanted a free state and without corruptness. Proof that they were heroines in malice of their frights is that, they were killed for arising against their authorities and combat until the terminal for their ends, without bewraying their cause for personal involvements or aspiration, unlike Demetrio in The Underdogs. In this essay, I have showed that non everybody ever has the same end, even if they are contending for the same ground, because frequently personal Interest such as power, celebrity and money make people to hold other aims and utilize their leading as a agencies achieve their involvements. There are existent heroes like the Mirabal sisters who knew truly their cause and their ends, and non characters like Demetrio who appeared to be a hero but in world he ne’er knew the existent end of his battle. The Mirabal sisters merely wanted justness and a free state where they could show their thoughts and where adult females and work forces were equal. But the end of Demetrio Macias was non clear to him, because he pretended to make the right things but in world he did the antonym. Through the power he became an ambitious individual, alternatively the Mirabal sisters acted in a epic manner because their ends were ever more collectivized. They fought for the same end that their people were contending.