Ways of Cheating on a Thesis

Does academic overloading disturb you when you have to write a thesis? Probably, you should think about cheating?

Sounds rather dishonestly. However, sometimes you have no other way out but cheat, especially if you are much pressured by time. So, this article offers you a few ways of possible cheating on a thesis.

•    Online thesis. Making a thesis on the basis of downloaded online thesis sample is probably, one of the easiest ones. You can rephrase the words and sentences and interpret them in your way. However, it is rather dangerous for your reputation. As far as you know, a thesis is based on original research. If any of your thesis committee members has ever seen online theses offered, you can get into big troubles. It is better to download a few theses, combine them or hire a few ideas and develop in your own project;
•    Thesis services. There is a great variety of different thesis services on the internet. Some of such thesis services can do the work for you. They are custom writing service companies, that offer thesis writing and editing services. It will be more reliable way of cheating on your thesis, since usually custom writing service companies produce qualitative and non-plagiarized papers. Besides, you can control the process of your paper writing through the direct contact with a writer;
•    Quotations. If your thesis paper should be completed very soon, but you have lack of ideas of your own, you may supply your thesis with lots of quotations. In fact, you will produce a thesis based on quotations only.

Be careful with cheating on a thesis, since no one will ever forgive you plagiarism.