Working in Group or Alone

Some people enjoy working alone, and others would rather work in a group. I prefer to work in a group. Three reasons are that I am more motivated when working in a group, I can learn skills and experience from senior members, and I can share common interest with my members. First of all, I am more motivated when working in a team. For example, when working independently, I have nobody to encourage me to persevere in the job or is there anybody around to recognize the work I have done. Furthermore, when working with others, I am more likely to finish the task on time.

For instance, when I have to live up the expectations of my team, the quality of workmanship is likely to improve. In addition, I can learn skills and experience from senior members. For example, my senior members may provide me with some working tips or helpful criticism. Furthermore, in certain jobs, which are highly complex, it is impossible that one worker could be in possession of all the skills. In other words, it’s better to consult the senior members to avoid the trouble and mistakes.

Finally, it is in a group that sharing a common interest is made possible. For example, when having a trip or playing the instrument , it’s much fun to gather together and share the knowledge rather than being alone. Furthermore, it is impossible that playing basketball or football without a team. In summary, it is better to work in a group , partly because I will receive encouragement from fellow members. Moreover, I can get experience and skills from senior members. Finally, in a group I can share a common interest with others and gain some knowledge.